English slangs

         I  learned  some  English slangs.

        All-night 夜猫子),cram/cramming(恶补/临时抱佛脚),all-ears(耐心认真听,洗耳恭听),corny(做作),cheesy(很假),I  threw up  in my mouth a little bit(我直接吐了):形容恶心厌恶,crash(字面上是碰撞,俚语里是借住,留宿,住别人家,drama  queen(事儿妈),hang-over  (宿醉)

        pull  a  bird(撩妹),fudgepacker(同性恋),gander(①英国人认为雄鹅(GANDER)比力愚蠢,他们把傻瓜骂作“GANDER”。 ②take a gander 看一看,瞅一眼],minge,(female  people s **),clunge同性恋)Japs  eye(I  dont know the  name of it in Chinese )

         A  British  taught  two  phrases:bull  shit 胡说八道,无稽之谈),bloody hell“糟了”,“该死的”)

   How  are these slangs?Are they enough  precise?

Mar 18, 2017 5:41 AM
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First of all, "slang" is uncountable. We don't say "slangs" to refer to multiple words that are slang. It's always "slang". The only time you would say "slangs" is to refer to different slang systems. For example, "America and Britain have very different slangs."

Most of these are commonly used. "Fudge packer" is really juvenile and not often used (at least not here in the States). "Pull a bird", "Japs eye", "minge", "clunge", "gander", and "bloody hell" are used in the UK, but not in the States. Also, keep in mind that "Jap" is usually considered EXTREMELY offensive (at least here in the States), since it's a racial slur and we're real sensitive about that stuff.

Also some of these aren't slang, such as "all night" and "hangover".

March 18, 2017