The most influencest Learning english method

Hello italki candidates,

I am looking for the best way about öearning english method if you are reading this discussion passage  can you write  your reply. I am look forward your positive response.

Mar 18, 2017 8:48 AM
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In my opinion, all the language learning is the process someone get used to it. So practise more and stick to it. Try your best to put yourself into an English environment and ensure everyday's English input. It doesn't mean you should go abroad. You also can read many standard English articles, like the news reports on BBC and CNN, or listen many standard English audios, like VOA or BBC. If you feel these are too difficult and boring, you can read some English stories or some English magazines first and gradually get used to those standard news reports.  I think reading news reports and listening news audios is the best way to study English standardly. After reading and listening, you'd better retell what you have read and listened. If you stick to it, I believe you can make a great progress.
March 18, 2017