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Food in the USA

I have this oral presentation in 2 weeks and my theme is " Food ". Besides, since this class is all about American culture, my presentation must be about food in the USA. The problem is that i have no idea ... nothing :( I was looking for a rather controversial subject and found something about taxes on fast food which sounded like a big issue but i couldn't find a lot of very relevant informations. 

So if anyone has any idea of a good subject related to "food" i'd be glad to hear about !

Thanks for your help :) 

Mar 18, 2017 1:19 PM
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Hi there. I'm from South Africa but I love the topic good and I would be happy to help you if you are interested. 
March 18, 2017

A controversial topic in America is that junk food is very cheap to buy so many poor families live on junk food and become obese, whereas more wealthy families are able to afford healthy fruits and good meats. Of course, our entire country is becoming very fat and our addiction to sugar and corn syrup are mostly to blame.  

March 23, 2017
Sound really interesting ! thank you Preston
March 18, 2017

Hello! The thing that I think makes American cuisine interesting is its diversity. We have people from all over the world, so that is reflected in what we eat. For example, the city where I come from has one of the largest populations of Korean immigrants in the country--so, Korean food has become quite popular in certain parts of my home city! 

So, maybe it would be interesting to come up with some topic related to that: maybe a certain city with diverse food choices, or how the types of food have changed over the years because of waves of immigrants. 

Just an idea. Good luck!

March 18, 2017