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Why do students on Italki love taking classes on Tuesday?

This question is for teachers and students.

I have noticed that the majority of my students prefer taking classes on Tuesday. Is this a coincidence or why is that so? I also thought that maybe it was a technical system error on Italki. Usually I have Tuesdays packed while other days are less packed. 

Mar 18, 2017 3:07 PM
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I'd say it's a coincidence. It's worth bearing in mind that what looks like "Tuesday" to you may not look like Tuesday to them. I just took a look at your schedule and from where I sit, several timezones away, it looks like your Wednesday is packed out. Then I took a look at your last couple of student reviews; one was from Taiwan and another from Spain so again, your Tuesday may not be their Tuesday. Certainly your morning won't be their morning or your evening, their evening. It's just one of those random things where students book lessons that from your perspective bunch up into Tuesday.

Though there may be one other factor in play too, which is how many lessons they take per week (with you or other teachers). I take two per week (with different teachers) which are indeed on Tuesday and Thursday. Because of the time difference between here and Europe some times are out of contention because of weekends, and having a full one day gap between the two prevents a "feast or famine" lumpiness to the week's study. It could be that students who are taking more than one lesson per week are also spacing them out which could be a factor in them aggregating that way.

March 18, 2017
In the past, my packed day was a Thursday.  I couldn't work it out either. :-)
March 18, 2017
I wonder why...:(
March 18, 2017