Working and living in SH.

Those days I was looking for an apartment in SH maybe not a big one but just one single room for myself. It was harder than I thought. 

I just transfer to a new place to work and not a high salary so an apartment which is clean or safe or comfortable is really difficult to find within a limited money. 

I was totally shocked about it cause when you walk into an apartment, then you will see only a small lobby with four closed doors ( usually three or four) sometimes inside a room you can have a small kitchen and a bathroom but trust me it's not the kind of kitchen or bathroom  you thought. The others are just a room. Which means when you come back from work you should just walk directly to your room. Because no space for public to share. I'm sorry for saying those I don't wanna be picky or do some judgement. 

But that's the truth. Thanks god I was lucky to find a place to live finally. Not very good but good for me.

Mar 19, 2017 12:24 AM