Lize Chan
Using linking verb

If the linking verb is able to pull the sentence together, why we need to use an additional action verb to form a sentence. Please see my example below:

We were discussed a project plan in the afternoon.

Here the linking verb = were, action verb = discussed.  (If I make mistake please correct me).

Alternatively, can we transform the sentence to: We discussed a project plan in the afternoon.

Many thanks in advance!

Mar 19, 2017 7:01 AM
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Hi Lize, 

The original sentence is grammatically unsound. 

If the sentence were truly in the passive voice, then the active voice is: "A project plan discussed us in the afternoon." which sounds odd.

The edited sentence should be: We were discussing a project plan in the afternoon. (The linking verb "were" links the subject "We" and the predicate "discussing a project plan in the afternoon".

You are right. You can simply write: "We discussed a project plan in the afternoon." so that you can circumvent the linking verb altogether.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Lance

March 19, 2017
We were discussed is incorrect in this context as it is a passive form (it would mean somebody was having a discussion about us). We were discussing is a continuous tense, emphasizing that the discussion took some time. We discussed can also be used and merely indicates that the discussion occurred. Of course, discussions by their very nature take time so both sentences 'we were discussing' and 'wr discussed'  could be used.
March 19, 2017