I am a native English speaker (American). I would like to start a NEW conversation group on Skype.

I have been running 2 English conversation groups on Skype since late OCT and they are going really well!

I am ready to start a 3rd group for anyone who is currently living in the United States  AND  who is from one of the following Asian countries:  China, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, India.

I have particular interest in conversations about adjusting to the US culture, diet, social structure differences, etc., in addition to anything else we may all want to discuss.  :)

If you are interested, mention it here, along with your time zone. :)

 I will send you a message with specific criteria concerning the group, if I think you might be a good fit.

I am looking for 6 dedicated group members.  Once I have 6, I will close the group.

I look forward to hearing from you!  :)


Mar 19, 2017 2:03 PM
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It seems that way....  :(
March 21, 2017


I am Heba from Jordan. I am interested in such English conversation. But when it would be?

March 19, 2017
Hahaha I couldn't help but notice how people won't even read the thread. 
March 21, 2017
Hey I am from Chicago add me pls...
March 20, 2017

i come from vietnam. i want to join to improve english. 

my skype account panda24061995

March 19, 2017
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