What's the best way to study a foreign language by yourself ??
Mar 19, 2017 8:57 PM
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If you are just starting with the language just get a good book with audio and follow it. Make sure you will be at the intermediate level when you finish the program, otherwise you will waste time when you have to switch books. If you are already at the intermediate level then listen a lot, read, write and have it corrected, and if possible, try to find people to talk to, if not, talk to yourself.
March 19, 2017

Ciao Chiara,

Different methods :
1- a book + CD-ROM/MP3 (ex : Assimil) and a grammar book. Try to spend at least 30' per lesson

2- reading newspapers and start with small pieces and a good dictionary and write the new words in a notebook that you can bring along with you everywhere

3- watch TV/movies/TV shows with subtitles in the target language on so that you learn and visualize better new words and expressions

4- listen to the radio and talk to friends.

On every big step, book a lesson with a teacher just to get on track and be sure not to lose any motivation! ;)

Keeping yourself motivated is always challenging and that is surelykey number 1 to reach your learning goals.

Bon courage!


March 19, 2017