Russian visa application

Hi all,

I am looking to visit Russia in July and I have a few question for those who have visited Russia from the UK.

My first question is did you have to book flights and a hotel before you applied for the visa? Secondly how long did the visa take? Also could anyone recommend me some decent places to stay in Moscow and Saint Petersburg? Do you think 4 days in Moscow and 5/6 days in Saint Petursburg will be enough time to see things? This will exclude days used for travelling. 

Thanks all for the help.

Mar 20, 2017 8:15 AM
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Hello there, I am planning to visit Russia this year too. You do not need to book a hotel in advance if you have a private address you can use (that of a friend). Go to the Russian Tourist office in Notting Hill London, with either the name of you hotel, or a private address. Then they will take care of all your visa requirements.
March 27, 2017

Hi Alexander,

I went to Moscow a couple of years ago. Yes, you need to book something before. I stayed at the Napoleon Hostel, it was cheap and simple. They help out with the invitation and some documents when you arrive. Leave a month for your application, even though mine only took two weeks. Have fun!

March 22, 2017

Hi Robin,

Thanks for explaining that to me. Ah, what a pain, I'm sure I will get a visa, but you usually have to pay more for refundable flights etc. 

March 22, 2017
I am doing something similar. Last time I was going to Russia I booked everything before hand and then applied for my visa. Usually you need to book a hotel to get an invitation (Which you need to get the visa anyways).
March 21, 2017
Hi! As for me, before I getting a visa I needed to get visa initation from hotel. The easiest way that I found is ivisa service. Just filled form here and then I went to the Russian embassy with this tourist voucher.
July 14, 2017
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