Difference between complete and finish
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Difference between Complete & Finish 

Mar 20, 2017 10:41 AM
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The words finish and complete means same, but differ slightly in their explanation contexts. The word ‘finish’ means anything which is just finish then that may relate to any part of an entire task or work. While, the word ‘complete’ means done with everything, which relates to the overall completion of any task or work.
The difference between the words, finish and complete is rarely found due to their similar meanings. But, though being similar in meanings these are different in their explanation and meanings.
The word finish refers to any thing or part that has finished, then that part may be a sub part or a small part from the entire thing or work. The word finish does not mean the completion of the entire thing; it refers to the accomplishment of that relevant thing or work.

For example:

<em>To finish the homework</em>

Here homework is a part of study or any content, so that part is accomplished not the entire subject or studies.


March 20, 2017