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writing a cover letter in english need your help to correct this
Dear Pro X:
In a recent meeting with Prof Xx, he suggested I contact you in finding a job or PhD position.
Myself xx
In the last past years, I worked in several research projects in XX Research Institute and XX college. Working in such projects and my studies in Biotechnology provided me a strong background and research experience. 
In January 2016, I started to work in (or at?) the proteomic unit for drug discovery at (or in) XX  institute under the leadership of XX.
I have recently decided to look for a new challenge in Europe. Thus, in February 2017, I finished my work at XX and arrived with my family to XX where my sister in law resides. I am reaching out to you to ask for your help in finding a job opportunity in your lab or a PhD position in the area of cancer biology with any leads or contacts.
I attached my CV, certificate, transcript and letters of recommendation for more details of my accomplishments and achievements.
Mar 20, 2017 1:46 PM
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what's the difference between accomplishment and achievement?
March 21, 2017

well your letter is good but need little improve, I will suggest some points and you can apply whatever you want:

1- you should first introduce yourself, for example: my name is,,,,,,,, I am a fresh graduate or I have graduated since,,,,,,, and currently I am doing or working,,,,,,,,

2- the reason for writing to him, for example: I am writing to ask you for help to find a job as prof ...... suggested in our last meeting or I was searching for a job and then prof,,,, advised me to send an email to you in order to help me.

3- you should mention your motto for the job ( if you are applying for certain job ) or your motto for working in general ( in case there is no certain job ).

4- your skills: if you are applying for certain job you should link your skills by the job requirements. But, if you are applying for job in general: you should mention that you have many skills which qualify you for many jobs and then mention your skills.

5- wish that you could meet him in order to provide him with further details or for an interview then tell him that you attached your CV, etc, and finally thank him for his time.

I finished my suggestions: hope you could get benefit from these suggestions, good luck ;)

March 20, 2017