What is the difference between "bath" and " bathe"?
Mar 20, 2017 8:13 PM
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Bathe is a verb, bath is a noun.


I'm going to bathe myself. (the verb is bathe)

vs I'm going to take a bath.  (the verb is take, the object is bath) 

March 20, 2017
There's also a pronunciation difference: the th in bath is voiceless, and the th in bathe is voiced. We can hear which one is a noun, and which one is a verb.
March 20, 2017

Bath: noun.  The thing that happens when you bathe.  Or the thing you bathe IN.  

Bathe: Verb.  A way to get clean, OR a way to have fun in water.  

But "bath" goes only with the first kind of "bathe" and not the second.

Also, bath is an old word we no longer use for a large container for liquids.

March 20, 2017