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Is there a reward for those who died due to oppression

i have spent lots of time thinking about this issue.

if there will no asking about our deeds . in other word: if there is no judgment at the end of this world, what is the fate of oppressed and oppressors.

we can see a lot of oppressed people who are innocent and unfortunately killed without any mistake, 

so when can they have their rights?

when will they can retaliate ? if there is no day for judgment so everyone have to hurry and be one of those oppressor and get more powerful to fulfill his whims and desires. 

be powerful to break rules and to be unbreakable man. do not worry no one can stop you. 

look at hero in films, he may got killed for others and just gain tears and compassion. and nothing else.

the story may end without seeing the fate of the Evil .

the tyrant may kill, beat, steal, cheat, corrupt and transgress and enjoy his life till death.

if i were you who do not believe in the day of judgment , i will choose to be Evil.

are you AGREE

Mar 20, 2017 9:48 PM
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Did I understand well that if you were not afraid of punishment you would be killing people? If so, you're already evil.
March 20, 2017

Me personally, I believe that doing the right thing only because one fears punishment for wrongdoing isn't truly doing the right thing - it's just avoiding punishment. To believe that I am doing the right thing for its own sake is the only way I know to be happy within myself.

Beyond my own self, other people who choose to do things that they know are wrong are unlikely to to care about whether they are happy within themselves. But they may not care that much about the possibility of judgement either.

And it's my perception that people often adjust their sense of right and wrong to accommodate what they choose to do, and thus usually believe that whatever they are doing is right.

March 21, 2017

this is an argumentative talk...

you missed the point. i mean believe in the day of judgment is necessary to give oppressed people their reward

and to give evil people their punishment

March 20, 2017