Le ^_^
How many English vocabularies&phrase that people form English-speanker countries actually mastered ? There are numerous English words, so if you want to communicate with foreigners naturally and no barriers how many words should be learned?
Mar 21, 2017 9:43 AM
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Le ^_^, the answer to your question depends upon the person, or persons, with whom you are attempting to converse with. On a general basis, I like Bill's answer. In my opinion, most of the several thousand words are single, or double syllable words without complicated meanings, so learning them should be a low stress exercise.
March 21, 2017

I like Julien's answer but I think it a bit low

Generally I find that most native speakers get away with 6000 words, but of course they also use phrases and sayings, which require you to understand not just the words but also what the phrase means.

That will get you through your day, buy food, catch a bus, talk about the weather

The moment you want to do anything more complicated, rent a house long term, enter into a contract etc you need to up that figure above 15,000.  I've just been working with a very bright Swiss who wanted to discuss a minor financial matter and he had to work hard to understand the meaning of certain words, because the words that describe them also needed looking up.

March 21, 2017
Although there are only around 1 to 2 thousands of frequently used words in English, you should at least master about 5000 words to talk to a native speaker fluently without much difficulty. If you would like to read most of the articles in English and understand them well , 8000-9000 words are expected.
March 21, 2017