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You are on holiday in a certain country with your 18-year-old son and wife/husband. You have been there for...

...a week and are ready to head home. All three of you are at the airport getting ready to board your plane when an armed officer comes around with a sniffer dog. You have all your bags on a trolley and the dog sniffs at both your wife’s and your bag and passes over it. However, when he gets to your son’s bag, he begins to get a bit more active. You look over at your son and he looks a little nervous. You know he’s already taken bad substances before, influenced by one naughty boy among his good friends, but generally, he’s a good kid and you certainly don't think he’d actually be stupid enough to bring it back on the plane with him. At first, you feel angry that he would do such a thing and start planning your responsibility lecture, but then you realize that you are in a country whose tolerance for bad substances is zero, meaning your son could be jailed for life if he does have some illicit materials in his bag. You look at your wife/husband and realize she/he has come to the same conclusion and has gone pale with fear. The armed officer accompanying the dog is beginning to look more stern with every sniff the dog takes and looks directly at you and asks you to open the bag. You do it, and as the officer begins to take things out of the bag, you see, to your horror, that there is a small quantity of illicit substance stashed in with your son’s belongings. The officer looks at you and asks “Whose bag is this?”. You realize you have to answer, but the answer won’t be easy. You see your wife/husband in the corner of your eye, and she/he is about to step forward and claim it as her/his own.


What do you say to the officer?

Do claim responsibility or tell him the truth?

Mar 21, 2017 11:10 AM