Any art museum in Tokyo you would like to recommend?

Can any  native Japanese or anyone who has been to Japan recommend me some good art museums in Tokyo??  I plan to go to Tokyo maybe in July. As I'm quite interested in those art exhibitions, I really wanna go for a visit.

Mar 21, 2017 11:22 AM
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The most interesting museum I went to in Tokyo was the Miraikan (日本科学未来館) on Odaiba Island(お台場). It had lots of exhibits about technology and design.

Oidaiba Island also has a good view of the Rainbow Bridge, and other museums and exhibits. Like the Tokyo Port Museum (with history of Tokyo Harbour), Panasonic showroom, Megaweb - car exhibitions old and new Toyota, and exhibition sites at Tokyo Big Site and the Parks between the malls and museums often hosting events.

In Roppongi(六本木) there are 3 art museums usually called the Art Triangle. The National Art Museum (国立新美術館), Mori Art Museum (森美術館) and the Suntory Museum of Art (サントリー美術館).

The Mori Art Museum is on the 50-something floor, you can get a good view of Tokyo sites like Tokyo Tower.

Roppongi also has a lot of shopping, night clubs, bars and events.

April 3, 2017

Many!! In two years living in Japan I went to Tokyo or the surrounding area almost every weekend for a new special exhibit! It's one of the things I miss about living there, that there was always a new expo somewhere. 

Mistubishi Ichigokan  in Chiyoda was one of my favorites, also the Bunkamura, The Ueno Royal Museum, The National Art Center in Roppongi/ Tokyo, The Brigestone , Sompo Japan in Shinjuku often has some nice exhibits, too,  The Nation Museum of Western Art, The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and the Edo-Tokyo Museum. And if you really want to travel, still in Tokyo but on the far edge from Ueno, the Hachioji Yume Art Museum had a great exhibit on French art while I was there. It's also quite a nice town too.  And I visited from time to time the New Otani Art Museum for small exhibits.  Sometimes they were really nice and not crowded at all. 

March 21, 2017

I think you can head over to the museums at Ueno Park for a quick look. There are plenty of museums there, and some are art related (like the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, or the National Museum of Western Art just up the stairs from Ueno Station). There is another one up near the Imperial Palace called the National Museum of Modern Art. 

Go early... they usually open around 9.30am. 

March 21, 2017