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Morals Vs Laws
Morals vs laws 
Some people claim that the people in every country cannot behave to each other depending on morals only. They say we cannot count on morals in the way people deal with each other, so we need to construct laws. 

On the other hand, some people believe that morals are more important because the morals are more powerful and has a great influence on someone's attitude, because with morals every one will watch there behavior according to there morals in unseen places , places are not covered by the camera.

In my point of view, I think we should have laws to control our behavior, meanwhile we should increase people awareness so we can count on morals in the future, and everyone will be his own judgement. 
what do you think?
Mar 21, 2017 12:30 PM
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Laws are there to enforce those moral rules that we feel should apply to everyone.

You must have laws to have some shared moral rules. Otherwise anyone could follow their own moral rules, and anyone could murder you at any time.

But not all moral rules should be laws, e.g. going to church or being vegan (no consensus) or cheating (private affair, hard to enforce).

March 22, 2017
I think, laws are great! But to be just, I believe they must be updated constantly. 
March 21, 2017
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March 22, 2017

Hello. I think it is a good topic.

In my mind anyway moral is more important. For a minute let's think that there are not laws in any country. What will happen? All amoral humans will do what they want. A man can change laws, can violate laws.

A moral person will do his best in every situation without any laws. A moral person has his own rules, his own principles. And nothing can change it.

And probably you know this words  : All laws are for poor people in the world. Now imagine what can a rich amoral person do? Everything!!!

That's why moral is more impotant. 

March 22, 2017
When society no longer is able to handle its own issues, thats when we handball them over to the law. If everyone is polite and understanding, then there is no need to involve laws that favour iron clad rules over civility. Especially in the uncertain times we live in- very few people want to take responsibility for what they say or do. I foresee harsher laws and less politeness in general.
March 21, 2017
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