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Online Conversation Clubs on Skype for Learning Arabic for Specific Purposes

Hello everyone!

This Discussion is written for people who are interested in joining Arabic online conversational clubs for Specific purposes like:

- Arabic for Travel 

- Arabic for Business

- Arabic for Academic Purpose

- Arabic for Media

- Arabic for learning Arab culture

- Arabic for Arabic :)

If you feel it is a good idea please share your thoughts and your interest and tell us why it is a good one and what benefits your searching for behind such a conversational club. Please also state your country, time-zone, your level of Arabic and your area of interest.

In Such clubs, we might invite some figures in Arab world,  people who have already traveled to one of the Arab country before or some figures in Media and make a chance for exchanging experience and knowledge and answering any question(s) you might have  and finally discuss anything you would like to talk about during the club online sessions.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Arabic teacher on italki

Mar 21, 2017 10:22 PM
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Thanks for the post. I am interested in learning Arabic for "academic purposes." Do you recommend any software/website that I can use for this goal?


March 22, 2017

Hello L-idean G., Have you tried memrise? It is a great application for learning any vocabulary in any fiend. Give it a try and till me what do you think? 

Besides, if you would like to join our Academic Arabic club, please let me know :) We can start very soon


March 22, 2017