I need some help please, which one is correct?

if someone asked me about the match, but i didn't answer at that moment, and after some minutes i want to resume the topic, which one of these questions is right??

-You wanted to know about the soccer match?

-Did you want to know about the soccer match?

Thanks in advance.

Mar 22, 2017 6:15 AM
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Hi Jimmy, 

Both your sentences are in the simple past tense. It describes an event sometime in the past.

Since you are are raising a question in the present and the question is related to a past events, you may want to use: "still" 


Do you still want to know about the soccer match ?

"Still' is an adverb that describe something that happened and exists up to the present moment. 

Hope this helps. 

Cheer, Lance 

March 22, 2017