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Graded Readers

As an author of English language books, I'm fascinated by authors that write in other languages. I find myself wishing that I could read the works of great writers in their native languages, free from the necessarily transformative effects of translation. Unfortunately, making the jump to reading full length novels in a foreign language is quite intimidating... but I've recently stumbled upon an interesting methodology called "extensive reading", or "graded readers". These are books that are written for learners of a particular language. They're usually published in a series that slowly build in difficulty so that a learner might be able to go from little or no understanding of a language to an advanced level very quickly, all the while reading with a very high level of understanding (near 100%).

I'm wondering, has anyone else had any experience with graded readers? I've read through Otto Bond's graded French readers (which are quite old), and the much newer graded Chinese readers from John Pasden (Mandarin Companion). I've really enjoyed the experience with both, though I wish that the Mandarin Companion books were published in traditional characters in paperback.

I would love to know what others think, have experienced, or want to recommend (irrespective of language). Thanks!

Mar 22, 2017 8:41 PM