If you could change just one thing in the universe, what would you change?

If I could change one thing in the nature or universe I would limited the give birth ability to just two kids for every woman.

I believe the root of the all world’s problems is population explosion. We as human have more vital needs to be alive rather than other animal species. We need variety of foods from vegetables to different meats and animal products. We need pretty big houses with thousands facilities and equipment to live comfortable. We meet our needs by limited earth resources directly and indirectly and I think we live in the worst period of the time on earth. Because earth resources and supplies are going to vanish and renewable sources can’t replace as fast as consumption rate besides there isn’t any suitable substitute for some resources. In the other hand, humans contaminate air, soil, water with poisonous substances. More population means more demand and pollutions. Unequal spread and shortage resource in different countries lead to war and fight to achieve to other countries supplies. Today whole of the world get involved in war indirectly and totally for oil and gas supply in the Middle East countries. The experts say future wars are for access to water and water is the most precious resource in the future.

I believe if human population was half of the todays, sickness, pollution, war, invasion, traffic, trash, fatalities weren’t remarkable and humans live happier and healthier in a peaceful world.

If I could change something in the nature, I limited human give birth ability to just 2 kids.

What is your opinion?

What would you change to make a better world?

Thanks for your comments and correction.

Mar 23, 2017 7:56 AM
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When you said "half of the todays" population, you meant "a half" exactly, right?! ... I suppose you meant: e.g. "just like it was in the 1970's" - did I get it right? I was wondering, because as you know, in the 40's, the time of the World War II, the population was even less (roughly one third of today's) and nevertheless - it wasn't obviously the best time to live in. 

March 23, 2017

Hi Maral,

Your question is obviously very interesting but also very vast I think! :-)

I agree, up to a certain point, with you about demography and the explosion of it but I don't think it is "just" a question of numbers.. For me your idea is part of the solution but I think that it is also a question of HOW we are living these days. Some countries and many citizens consume far too much, whereas as we well know, there are other countries, especially in the southern hemisphere, in which people struggle to live normally or just survive.

If in poor countries people spent as much as we do in "developed" countries we'd need 6 or 7 planets like ours. It is just not right.

I would personally like the world to become more "equal" about distribution of goods. But for that, we need a change in the way we think, a change of our economic system to start with, in which the aim is not to consume for the sake of consuming, like we see these days in most developed countries, but consuming when we need it: foods, work tools etc. but not overconsuming like we are used to these days. 

I'd like to seea world in which companies create useful services or goods and, as a result, make money. More than companies which only aim is to make money. I think that it should be the other way round.

Our system is designed these days to make us consume more and more. Advertising is everywhere, so the message is clear. Many people are slaves of that which i think it is a pity and irresponsible for the planet too.

I'd also like to live in a world in which there are no longer fiscal paradises.. but there is not a political will, or not yet, to do so.

We are all responsible for this world I think.

Back to you :-)


March 23, 2017