Songs in foreign languages on the radio

I love to listen to the radio and sing a long. My favourite radio station plays mainly English and German songs, but also some French, Spanish and Italian songs.

Do radio stations also play music in different languages in your country?

Mar 23, 2017 10:35 PM
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Every Saturday on a Mexican FM radio station I like to listen to a radio programme called "Chante France" where they play all the current popular songs in France and also invite French musicians living in Mexico to jam a little bit. The day after, on Sunday, we have a similar show but Brazilian, and it´s always a joy to chill out on a Sunday morning to some nice tunes in Portuguese :)
March 25, 2017

@Miriam, mostly radio in Mexico is in Spanish, and stations play music from all over Latin America and Spain. Then also we have a lot of music in English. Spoken programmes are always in Spanish.  My favourite radio station is the one from University of Mexico and there I can listen to music from all over the world while stuck in traffic jejeje

BTW I also hear 99 Luftballons frequently on the radio, great song!

March 26, 2017

Ok, I went through the playlist of my favourite German radio station to check out, if they really played many songs in different languages, but it turned out, I was wrong. It is a very regular radio station, which plays the latest hits from the charts.

In 13 hours, they played 128 songs, of which were

14 in German

38 from the UK

41 from the US

16 from other native English speaking countries (Ireland, Canada, Australia)

15 in English, but from non-native bands/singers (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland)

2 Spanish songs

1 Italian song

1 Trilingual song by a Senegalese singer in Wolof, French and English.

So, 110 songs of the 128 songs were entirely in English. German radio isn't as diverse as I thought. There are radio stations though, which mainly play German songs or are more diverse, but I think it's safe to say, that the average hit radio station in Germany mainly plays English songs. And they don't play more than one or two German songs per hour.

March 25, 2017
It could be. People sometimes decide to learn a language because they like the music. In Serbia this could especially be the case with Spanish, apart from the obvious English. But TV plays a role as well. A lot of Serbian people picked up Spanish by watching soaps.
March 24, 2017

@ Peachey

I guess, they only play English songs from countries UK and the States, and not like from China and Germany, right? Now many singers in many countries actually do sing in English, so it is a pity, that even those songs aren't broadcast in English speaking countries. 


Thanks for the link!


Serbian radio sounds like a polyglot dream come true. :-) Do you think this has a positive influence on Serbians learning foreign languages?

March 24, 2017
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