Livio D'Alessio
Could anyone help me correcting this text?
Hi everbody, I would be grateful if you helped me correcting this text. This is a Italian text that I translated into English and I would like to know if there are bits that does not sound natural. 

Gradara Castle is an iconic example of military architecture, dating back to XIVth century. Its first stone was laid around XII probably by the powerful family De Griffo,who were lords of Gradara at that time. The Castle was later enlarged and beautified by powerfull families who dominated the territory afterwards such as the Malatesta, the Sforza and the Della Rovere.Not only did these families aim to fortificate it and increase its military strenght but they were also concerned to embellished with several artworks. Today this artistic and cultural heritage is owned by the Italian state.
You will have the choice of visiting 14 rooms, each of them furnished with antiques and pieces of art, such as St. Sofia altarpiece by Giovanni Santi and a ceramic piece by Andrea Della Robbia. The main elegant spaces are Lucrezia Borgia's dressing room , Passione room and the Council room, graced with frecos by painters such as Amico Aspertini and Girolamo. However the most significant and evocative room is Francesca da Polenta’s, famous for her tragic romance with her brother-in-law Paolo Malatesta  portrayed by Dante in the 5thcanto of the Inferno.
Mar 24, 2017 11:40 AM