Rogerio Coelho
Artificial Intelligence and Emotional Behavior can working together ? Nowadays is common to read a news about the medical advance and the benefits of automatization. I think it works fine for a surgery for example when the precision from a machine is endlessly better than the hands. But and about emotional behavior? The machine can not replace the human in this one. Could you visualize any automatization to this case?
Mar 24, 2017 6:15 PM
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I think to answer adequately about feelings we can use devices of our daily life, like online services that support us talking about whatever subject. In this case, the support is made by a human. Maybe this kind of service can be automatized and to have a simple reply for a usual question stored in a database, but is complicated to give an emotive response. 
March 24, 2017
I think we could teach the machines to recognise our emotions and respond adequately. If movies and music can affect human emotions then a machine can as well. The machines are not going to be able to replace humans but when humans are not available, machines may be better than nothing. They are never going to feel anything but at least they can fake it well. I do see potential for "emotive" machines when it comes to care for old and disabled people. I don't really see that the rest of us need such assistance.
March 24, 2017
The advancement of science and technology have brought many benefits to the humankind. For instance, with the development in AI field, a lot of product innovations are started in medical engineering, robotic engineering and mechanical engineering fields. As a result, high quality and more accurate equipment are invented and presently these machines and tools are adopted to give a quality of life for people.Therefore,  machines are not a substitution of human and they are creations of the human brain.
March 24, 2017