Does foreign students always do housework? hi,everyone.I am Lucky.And Iam from China. In our English textbook,it said that American students always help their parents  do chores.Also ,they make pocket money by doing housework. Is it true?
Mar 25, 2017 8:37 AM
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To answer your question :

"Also ,they make pocket money by doing housework. Is it true?"

here in the US, yes - not all kids, but  it is common enough that everyone here knows about it.

The money the child gets is called an 'allowance'.  if a child completes all their chores, at the end of the week, they get some change, or a few dollars.  Usually, if the child wants something (a toy or whatever), they have to save up their allowance to buy the thing - instead of having their parents buy it.  It is used to teach that you get paid for work, and to save  / value what you have earned.

March 25, 2017
I think the majority of parents in the U.S. expect their children to help with housework.  At the very least, they are expected to keep their rooms neat and usually make their beds.  It is not uncommon for parents to expect their children to do dishes, dust furniture, or sweep or vacuum floors.  Setting the table is also a common chore. Some teenagers wash their own clothes and a few do the laundry for the whole household or prepare a meal for the whole household (although few actually cook anything time consuming because convenience food is so common in the U.S.)  Some U.S. children have regular chores that they are expected to do without being told.  Others are just expected to help each time their parent asks them to do a particular task.  
March 25, 2017
Lucky, sorry, that I mispelled your name before. The thing is that your assumption "different with other countries" is just wrong. There are 195 countries in the world and it's just not like that the other 194 countries apart from China share something in common completely different to China. It is better, if you ask "Do students in your country/in Western countries/in the US (depending on what you are interested in) always do housework?". This also has nothing to do with your English, but with the fact that for the Chinese, everybody else is 老外. 
March 25, 2017
Lucky, you have to be more precise what you mean by "foreign students". You can't just think that the Chinese are one way and the rest of the world are the other way. I don't think that Finnish, Nigerian, Burmese and Colombian students all act in the same way. I'm sorry that I might come off a bit harsh, but I just don't understand, why from the Chinese perspective there seem to be only two types of people: Chinese and foreigners (=non-Chinese). This is an international platform, so to all non-Chinese, you are a foreigner as well. 
March 25, 2017

When I was a student and lived with my parents, I sometimes helped with housework and chores. And sometimes I didn't help out at all. When I was a little kid, I sometimes didn't help because I was wanted to play instead, or I was just lazy. As I got older I became more responsible, and I could see that my mom really needed the help, so I helped more.

I never got pocket money for chores. My mom gave me money if I needed it (and if she could spare it). This was different from most of my friends, who got a small weekly allowance from their parents.

March 25, 2017
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