Hello can anyone explain that  Another familiar concept of style is its identification with the author, or speaker. The is long time for several critics and writers for a staunch proponent Middleton Murry, for instanc is the writer's of this view. He considers style as the own attitudes feelings. He says, "style of is a quite language which communicates precisely emotions and thoughts emotions or thoughts peculiar to the author". Also n modern literary studies, this conviction has its exponents, including all the intentionalists. In my view, this notion of style is outdated in favor of more convincing concepts which have emerged now the remaining sections of this Chapter). Its adherents including generative stylisticians like Ohmann (1964) and Thorne (1981) who claim an access to the writer's personality by examining his style, have come under attack from Herrnstein smith and others (see Fish's criticism of ohmann and Thorne n Freeman (ed.), 1981: chaps. 3-4 t fails to satisfy the reader for it is unjust to judge a writer's personality in this way. Besides that, it is highly hypothetical and has foundations only in the critic's mind.
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