Ikumi Nakada
Why do you learn foreign language?

I am learning English now.

I need English to pass exams. 

And  I want to work for airline.

That is why I learn English.

I have a question.

Why do you lean foreign language?

Tell me!

Mar 25, 2017 2:46 PM
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1.To get a better job.
2.I have a dream to travel around the world.
 Now I'm 26 years old,maybe it's too late to learning English. But I want to try to change my life. I have been to Malaysia and Japan. Next target is Okinawa.
March 25, 2017
 To understand people and for traveling 
March 26, 2017
I agree with Susan: It's never too late to learn languages. I'm in my 40s and learn languages just for fun and because I'm interested in exploring other cultures.
March 25, 2017

To learn science deeply   (Math,Chemistry,Biology...etc)

I prefer to use English when I study these natural science subjects

1.you can access primary source(such as experiment result),and read Academic essay without translation.

2.Since English is the most spoken language,you'll have more audience when you write your essay in English

(3.I can be more critical when I use English,,,and I do believe subjective attitude is necessary when you deal with science..)

March 25, 2017

It always amazes me when people in their 20´s say maybe it is too late to learn a language! There are people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s here learning languages (and probably people older than that as well.)  The rate of memory retention may slow down a bit, but it is quite possible to learn languages way when you are way older than 26.

I am in my 50s and now have time to learn Spanish to get to know other cultures and to travel.  I am learning just for fun at this point. 

March 25, 2017
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