British English Hiii, my name is Noor... i am a college grad. I am looking for some serious help with my accent.It is hard for native british ppl to understand me , i really want to stop that issue with my accent. I've been speaking Spanish for a long long time,i love Spanish but i speak like Spanish ppl now very very very FAST yet my accent isn't clear...
Mar 25, 2017 9:54 PM
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OK, we can already see the first solution: slow down. :)  As a good speaker, native or not, you should be able to control the pace of your speech.  I'm sure your accent isn't clear because you're speaking too fast.

If you want a proper accent, then you need to interact, not only imitate.  Find people who speak the way you want to sound, and work with them. Consider getting a teacher for a couple of lessons, just to guide you.  If you search through the italki teachers, you will find several teachers from the UK who can specifically guide you towards your goal.  Even just one session may open up a load of possibilities.

March 26, 2017

For getting a British accent you have to listen to British people and try to imitate them. You can watch videos on YouTube. I know some very good channels to practise the listening.

March 25, 2017