About "handsome" and "beautiful"


 I would like to know the difference between "Handsome" and "beautiful" when using these two words correctly.

Mar 26, 2017 1:49 AM
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Well, you can use either one. But when talking about a man, you might rather say "handsome" instead of 'beautiful', as 'beautiful' is seen as more feminine. 
March 26, 2017
I agree that "beautiful" is a feminine word and "Handsome" is a masculine word, but I think "beautiful" is a bit more universal. For example, if we want to use either of these two in the case of a baby, then the priority goes to "Beautiful" irrespective of the gender. A "beautiful baby", but I have not listened people saying a "handsome baby" even if it's a baby boy!
March 26, 2017

Hello there!

As Gracie has says, that's a fact! We men don't like to be called "beautiful" and I'm sure you ladies don't want to be called "handsome"! Hahahah! It's just the opposite.

Enjoy learning!



March 26, 2017

a handsome man

a beautiful lady

March 26, 2017
"handsome" is used for male, "beautiful" is used for female. 
March 26, 2017