Russians drink vodka every day I drank vodka on some occasions in my youth, but it is a special time when you are doing what you shouldn’t. I’m not sure my nationality makes great difference in the matter, but I believe it would be some other strong spirit if I weren’t Russian. I’ve tried variety of alcohol drinks since and picked my choice. Now I drink Italian red wine on some celebrations like birthday or anniversary. I hardly ever consume any alcohol on ordinary days. If I do, I have a few mouthfuls of the same red wine or spoonful of cognac after very strong/hard stress. Could you share your drinking preferences? Do you drink strong spirits? What do you prefer? Do you drink something strong only on special occasions or when you feel like it?
Mar 26, 2017 9:38 AM
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I don`t drink alcohol at all because I think it`s worthless))) I think that much depends on the personality, not on the country. 
March 26, 2017
When I was living in Minsk and visiting Moscow I was a bit "disappointed" because we often hear this stereotype and I remember I would have some alcoholic drinks in my fridge thinking that it'd be a good idea for whenever I'd have guests visiting my apartment but they always wanted tea instead. 
March 26, 2017

All my experiences with alcohol (at my younger age) were something worthless and wasting of time. After 1 glass of alcohol i got completely drunk with a huge headache and absence of moments of joy.

Many years ago i totally  realized that i dont need any alcohol at all. I discovered  many  things which enable me to feel relaxed and get plenty of positive emotions . Sport, sea, sun, morning walks...What could be more enjoyable ?))

To be honest,  i am fond of tea. I am able to drink a few glasses a day and it make me drunk))))

March 26, 2017
Drinking alcohol is banned in my country Iran. There is religious limitation about this matter, in fact it is forbidden because its disadvantages are more than its  advantages.
September 26, 2017
I've always thought that vodka was the spirit of choice in Russia. Plus, my dad works with a Russian and last year on his birthday he brought a bottle of vodka into work with him and started offering everbody shots after clocking out. I rarely drink, and I never drink to excess. I got all of that out of my system as a teenager :D I like red wine, cider, and a pint of the black stuff of course!
March 28, 2017
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