"mother words" - ?

In order to learn English, it is enough to have an English textbook. Surprisingly. In order to translate the schemes, English is not even needed especially, since all schemes are always written on the international "abracadabra" (language). But I fucking do not understand the usual jokes, I can not understand their meaning. Oh yeah ... It's still unclear, I was told that mother words should be used in certain situations. How can this be understood? Why can not I send a man away just because he got me? How should I understand that now it is worth to swear in this way, and not otherwise? ;)


My apologies Iam first day here/ Especially i have not figured out what here and hoow

Mar 26, 2017 10:14 AM
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That's why in order to learn English it's not enough to have an English textbook, Zhargal. There is much more to it, than you possibly think.
March 26, 2017