Mr. Lance
Meet The Future

Singapore observed the annual Earth Hour on 25th March 2017. Thousands of lights were turned off for an hour in a show of support for environmental awareness and protection. 

Yet, a billion people did not switch off their lights last night. Not because they were forgetful; they simply had no access to light. 

On a separate note, I have the privilege of attending Meet The Future, an exhibition organised by Shell in Singapore a fortnight ago. Many exciting and innovative ideas were showcased and I was most impressed with the idea of processing used coffee powder into energy-rich fuel pellets. 

Do you or your community adopt any practice(s) on a regular basis? If you do, would you like to care? 

If you are keen, you may want to share your thoughts on any environmental issue in your city. 

Mar 26, 2017 2:53 PM
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Singapore :)

Btw, if used coffee grounds are valuable, then I'm going t strike it rich!

March 26, 2017