English Partner:)
I want to make friends and learn English. I think maybe I have advanced English level...hahaha...Maybe  you will laugh if you find a lot of mistakes later on in the texts below.

Because I am busy working in the day time now, I want to find a long-term language partner talking  in skype at around 7:30pm to 10:00pm Beijing time.

I  think we can improve each other's language by reading some books together. For instance, I can read one passage of an English  book and share my understanding about it in Chinese and English. I also want to learn some popular phrases or cyber language in English.

If you are interested in this opinion, please do not hesitate to give me your message.

Mar 26, 2017 3:44 PM
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I love reading english literature and I'm happy to help you improve your language skills.
March 26, 2017

I would like to try!

March 26, 2017


Also, I want to make friends and learn English. Are you available on Skype or Whats app?  

March 26, 2017
I want to try talking to you if you please. I have no practise in Speaking but my reading lever is upper I think ) I can read books and discuss them. I will need some time to rally my thoughts anyway. What about you? Don't you mind? Could I try?
March 26, 2017