do you get stuck when you're trying to speak anylanguage, but you can understand almost everything you hear? That happens to me everytime I wanna speak, It seems like I don't know english. Does that happens to you? Tell your experiences with that.
Mar 26, 2017 5:19 PM
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Yup I feel like this too. Sometimes when I talk with my self I feel it like native speaker sound. But in front of any real native speaker I feel like I don't have idea about English language [emoji][emoji]
March 26, 2017
When I describe some abstruct things like the feelings about a picture in the gallary, I stuck with words. Sometime I found that the words I already knew in my mother tongue unfamiliar in the target launguage. Sometimes I found it's very vague if I tried to express the same thing in my native word. In conclusion I need to get more vocabularies. And most important thing is to have a reliable buddy who you can speak your weird wrong target language. Maybe only practice and making mistakes often make our speaking skill better. We need lots of chances to make mistakes and the circumstances that allows us to do so. It's difficult! Maybe we need to find true language partner, friend to help us, letting us make mistakes easily.
March 27, 2017
It's common. Practising our listening, we get able to understand what is spoken, but if we want to speak fluently we have to practise the speaking skills. Practising the listening won't help you with the speaking, practising the writing won't help you with the listening, and so on. Besides, the active skills are more hard to master than the passive ones.
March 26, 2017
Thank you guys for all comments, I think one of th most common problems that every language student has to face is that there are not many people in the real life to talk and practice the language, that is, There are not many people who speak the language You wanna learn in your country, so You can find it only on the internet, but many people on the internet are afraid of talking by skype or something, and it seems like you are talking to a computer, of course we cannot blame them, because the world is so dangerous that we cant even trust anyone. We just have to keep studing till acomplish what we want.
March 28, 2017