Is reasoning always well enough to get to the answer or it leads us to a more confusing state?

I might have asked you directly the question instead of putting it in this way! The question was, "Is egg a vegetarian food?" I found this question in Quora and I got many opinions with many reasonings stating why it is or why not it is. And the reasonings were pretty convincing only if you don't think yours is the best one! Some said it was not a vegetarian food because it comes out of a Hen and Chicken comes out of it. Then contrary to this, some said that milk comes out of Cow but it is not considered as a nonvegetarian food. There were many opinions supporting and opposing each other.

You might also have heard of this question that what came first: Chicken or egg?:)

We always keep finding for answers to these kinds of questions which really perplex us even if we believe what we think ought to be the right one.

So, what do you think about reasoning? Do you think it's a way to find possibilities or a solution? We can explain things by our reasoning but it seems to me it's quite a bit difficult to find a reasonable reason for the correctness of our reasoning!

Please go ahead and give your reasoning to this seemingly unreasonable silly question:)

Thank you!

Mar 27, 2017 7:52 PM
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Reasoning can tell us whether two seemingly different things are logically equivalent.

The answer to the question "are eggs a vegetarian food?" depends on the meaning of the word "vegetarian." Reasoning can't tell us what the word means. We have to know the language or use the dictionary... and sometimes there isn't agreement on the meaning. 

Checking a dictionary right now, I see: "Vegetarian: one who practices vegetarianism," and

"Vegetarianism: The practice of consuming a diet that does not include the flesh of animals and is mainly composed of plant parts (such as leaves, roots, fruits, nuts, and seeds), along with fungi, and sometimes eggs and dairy products."

If someone says "I am a vegetarian," and that's all we know, reasoning cannot tell us whether they are willing to eat eggs or cheese.

March 28, 2017
I think vegetarians can decide for themselves what they eat or not. For as little as I know about vegetarians, they do eat eggs while vegans don't. Vegetarians eat eggs because we can get an egg without killing an animal. The reasoning behind vegans not eating eggs, for what I know, is that egg industry kills male chickens and only keeps females, so we are still supporting killing by eating eggs. Possibly also that they keep those hens in bad conditions. By the way, a chicken won't come out of every egg. If there was no rooster arround, no chickens will come out of those eggs.
March 27, 2017

Hello Sudeep.

As well as I know some vegetarians do not eat an egg and do not drink milk. People become vegetarians for various reasons. The main reason to be vegetarian which I like very much is not to kill animals, not to hurt animals. Sometimes I really want to be vegetarian in order not to kill animals.

However I think vegetarian people may eat egg, because anyway chickens will lay eggs. For eating egg we do not kill chickens.

March 27, 2017
Thank you @Leyla for sharing your view:) You have a point that we don't kill an egg to eat rather we break it :) I read a funny answer to this question where one wrote that some might be thinking egg as a vegetarian food because they might be considering it equivalent to an "eggplant":)
March 28, 2017
Thank you @Dan for your valuable comment. Yes, I agree with you that reasoning is nothing to do with the word "Vegetarian" as its definition is best to be described by a dictionary. But the real job of reasoning is to give an egg an identity whether it is to be included in the non/vegetarian food. If I will go by the definition of "vegetarian food", then an egg is neither an animal nor a plant product but it has the tendency to become a bird. So, should we include it in the non/vegetarian? This is where we can say that reasoning is giving an answer to this and on the other hand, leading us to a confusing state!
March 29, 2017
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