Chan Wu
I have a question for people who learn Chinese here

hey, everyone, I am Chinese, who has been learning English for years, as most high school or middle school in China don’t have spoken english courses, they only offer reading english courses. That’s why I’ve come here to find someone who are also interested in Chinese and Chinese cultures, can help me improve English, especially speaking skills. and in return, I am more than happy to help you learn Chinese.<o:p></o:p>


HOWEVER, I have sent messages to some native english speakers, whose profile SAYS that they are really love to learn Chinese. here is the thing, I am really surprised that none of those people replied me—for those people who has used this website much earlier, and they may probably have found themselves great language partners, which I could totally understand. but for someone really new here—they said they would be happy to help people and interested in learning Chinese or Chinese cultures—they also have never respond to my messages. This is the point that I am confused, did I do something wrong or they just lied ? if they are not interested in Chinese language, why’d they post “learning Chinese” here ? <o:p></o:p>


could someone here tell me why ?   

Mar 28, 2017 8:25 AM
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Chan Wu, not everyone here is looking for language partners. Finding language partners is just one of the many functions of this site. Some people only want to work with teachers. Others Only want to write notebooks and be corrected, or ask questions,  or participate in discussions, or read articles here. If someone is seriously learning Chinese, this still does not mean that they want to have language partners.  There are also people who are looking for language partners but are very picky and only want to talk to people they have lots in common with, for example. Or those who wanted to have language partners but changed their mind. And as people already told you, native English speakers receive many messages, even if they've just joined, so they really can choose who they want to talk to. It really doesn't make sense to get angry if they don't pick you out of say, hundreds of people who sent them messages.
March 29, 2017
I'm not a native English speaker, but many people seem to want to learn German too, so I get quite a few request for language exchange. In my opinion, it's important to know a bit about the other person before agreeing to have a session. I'd recommend posting a few sentences about you and/or your reasons to learn languages on your profile. What you like to do, which things fascinate you about different cultures etc. It also helps to write a bit more than just "hi, do you want to learn with me?" when you message someone. ^^
March 28, 2017

I am new here. I find so many interesting things to explore and keep myself busy in here so i haven't get a chance to find a language exchange partner yet. 

What is purpose of finding a language partner?

In term of language learning, i don't think it would be a good investment of your time especially if you are at the beginner or even lower intermediate level. 

In term of language exchange, it would be great to engage in smooth, and enjoyable conversation from time to time. That means both partners would expect each other to be at intermediate level in order to have a meaningful and intelligent conversation. 

I don't think anyone would enjoy to be my companion in language learning if all I have in the mind is practicing the target language with my horrific accent, and with a very limited vocabulary serves nothing but awkward silence.

Other people may not be interested in learning your native language, what else can you offer? 

Have you been thinking about team up with other English learners who has similar language background? They may have decent accent, and have no trouble expressing themselves clearly during the conversation.

Meeting and chatting with others is definitely one of life enriching experience. You never know, you may have some life long friends to meet in near future. 

Sorry about your frustration, but with all your endeavor, perseverce and courage in learning English; you are going to achieve your goal sooner than you expect.

Best wish

March 31, 2017
不好意思,我英语不够用,只能用汉语来表达。我参加这个网站两年多了, 像你一样发了不少短信也没人回复。不过我想这是正常的,他们有他们的选择, 中国人不是说天时地利人和吗?你何必为难别人又为难自己呢?
March 28, 2017

Hi Chan Wu ^_^

I would not take it personally or worry too much about whether you are doing anything wrong :) (since you mentioned in the other comments that you write personal messages/long/short etc).

It could be that people have found a partner, or are just not using the site as it should be used lol. Just keep going, and don't worry about it :). You just need to find 1 or 2 lovely people to chat to, and it will come :)

March 28, 2017
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