Hello Everyone!

I made a server/ group on Discord. To those who do not know what Discord is, it's basically like Skype. But the call quality is so much better and conversations are much more organized since it can have more that one channel/ chat area (depending on what is being talked about. E.g. French, Corrections etc.) 

The group is for French/ English learners and natives. If you are learning English but does not speak French, you're still welcome :)

If you guys are new to it, I'll be glad to guide you guys through. 
Copy URL below to join the group. Have a great day!

Mar 28, 2017 1:08 PM
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GOOD, I has been took part in this group, but i don't know how use it?
May 30, 2017
je crois que je suis la seul personne qui parle français ici  !
May 30, 2017