Marcelo F.
How much are you willing to pay for one hour lesson on italki ? Speaking for myself I'm willing to pay for one hour lesson from $0.00 (haha) to $8.00.
Mar 28, 2017 4:18 PM
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Is there any sence to talk about price ? As to me foreign language learning is rather a matter of luck of finding a really responsible interesting tutor . And It is not a matter of low/high price.  Five years ago i changed 3 expensive tutors over 4 months before i found the one who really was keen to make me interested in English.

In our material world, in the world of selfish people it is often a usual situation when  high price doesnt quarantee  services of high quality))

March 28, 2017

To give you direct reply to your question..I paid 20 $ per  60 mins 5 years ago. It was OK with me. But i live in a capital city and i could afford such a high price because of my relatively high wage.

Nowadays i would revise my readiness to pay such a high price .

March 28, 2017
Price makes the difference! As far as languages are concerned, I believe that as much you speak as quickly you learn. So, if you can afford three or five lessons a week is much better then once a month no matter how good a teacher is, one hour can't be better than 20 hours of practicing. I've come across teachers who charge their students from $4.00 to $80.00. As far as I know the minimum wage in Brazil is $300.00 so it means a blue collar worker would be able to attend from 0 to 1 every 3 or 6 months. I know from experience how hard is to find a good teacher and somehow it can be a matter of luck. Fortunately I already found them. = )
March 28, 2017