▶▶▶ I use arround 10 plugins on my Google chrome that help me a lot when it comes to learning languages
Learning different languages at the same time is not an easy task, so if you want to learn to increase your success aimed at factible results, i can give you an advice.

There's a bunch of apps and extensions designed for your Google Chrome Program that you can install in order to help you to learn, and i assure you that it will help you, let me explain: Google Chrome allows you to install several kind of apps and plug-ins that can help you to improve in your learning process, it will be efficient and motivating also because you will have all the tools open at the same time in the same screen.  thus I will mention the names of the apps I use in this moment

▶▶▶1- Whatsapp web- I consider that this whatsapp is an incredible app (the best one judging it based on its usability), but using it's web version can allow you to send PDF and audio notes quickly to your language learning partners and study in the computer but later in your phone

or to yourself like  i do - (i create whatsapp groups, and then i add a person randomly, and then i erase that person from the group in order to stay alone in the group) and i enjoy the "forever alone" moment. also, when a group is alone and you are the administrator, you can organize your study material, and then search for it quickly if you use tags everytime you send something to that group chat. so if you upload something.  use it to cathegorize, e.g:  classes with a mp3 audio and a pdf at the same time.

the best is that you study in the pc, but you can check later in your phone, anytime you want it, the knowledge goes with you eveywhere. 

Anyway, even if i enjoy the "Forever Alone" groups i'm really open to language exchange so anytime you want , just add me to whatsapp and i'll give you more detail.    +54 911 26 39 57 41

▶▶▶ Speak it (Google Chrome Extension) 

this app aloud you to read any text in any language, i'm a native Spanish speaker, but when i configure it to Spanish it sounds just a little robotic but it's totally comprehensible, so you can use it to get an idea of how the accent it will be.  it works perfect also with other languages like German, English, french, and so on. (if you install it please comment what you think) i know other tools like this i could recommend, but i will not mention the in order to not make it long, anytime you want send me a message and as soon as possible i'll solve any question i'm here to learn too.

▶▶▶ Google Translator Extension (Google Chrome Extension) : You may think, google translator doesn't work that well, and sometime it's not accurate at all, but this is not good at translating long text, the website of google translator can give you tools BUT by the other hand, with this extension you can give it another use.

 imagine that you are reading a  Pdf, and suddenly you find a word in other language, any language, and you dont want to pass by the long proccess of opening a new tab and visiting google translator site, but you select the word in your pdf (opened with chrome) and maggically a subtle bubble appears and tell you what that word means, you don't even have to chose a language, you just provide the extension your native language and it will give you the meaning of the word (or the phrase in your language) but don't try it with long text, remember it's not that accurated when long text is introduced .

▶▶▶ Wikiwand (use Wikipedia with this extension  you will be fan) (i use it to check an article and then i check if the article is available in the language i  want to learn then, remember all this tools are running at the same time over your Chrome so i can use the speak it to read a Wikipedia article in the language i want and to listen to an accurated pronunciation or use  ▶▶▶ writefull (another Google Chrome Extension, but you can install it in your pc also and run 2 writefull apps at time (believe me, sometimes you will need more than just one Writefull open. (if you study like me, maybe you need another screen) 

▶▶▶ writefull is a extencion that allows you to do so many things (this is gold for language learning), you can compare the usage of a word (you can write down here in any language because for comparing or fullfilling the text it doesnt matter the language you use, writefull check the same word in the internet and also in accademic works if you need something more advance, the deffinition, tranlating it to english any word in any language. and so on  

i have to stop here, because it's too long, anything you need you can send me a message to whatsapp

Good bye from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mar 29, 2017 5:16 AM
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Isamel, 谢谢你分享这么多学习语言的工具。 Isamel虽然是讲西班牙语的,但是他的英文也很棒,听着像个English native speaker, 希望跟你交流更多文化上的差异,it is interesting to learn culture of your country, thanks.  
March 29, 2017