Association with the word "empathy".

Hello, everyone! I have to make some little experiment for my study, so can you write a few associations with the word "empathy"? If you write your native language, gender and age, it would be great, but it isn't necessary.<o:p></o:p>

Mar 29, 2017 9:16 AM
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So here is what most English speakers think of the word empathy. Yes it means emotional like the other girls answered. But there is a specific way to use this word that makes it a difficult one. Empathy is when you have an emotional response to something and have experienced a very similar situation and can understand how the person feels.  " I feel so sorry for you" often implies that you cannot understand what pain they have because you have not had this same situation in your life. " I have empathy for Sarah because last year my dog died also." this is how we most always use it. If you say empathy, you are saying that a similar bad situation has happened to you.     30- English (American) 

April 2, 2017
I see a little puppy, it has lost its mother, it's hungry.  I feel pity, I feel empathy. I empathize with a crying baby. I empathize with disabled people, destitute. 
March 29, 2017

Empathy is to feel another's pain or discomfort and relate to it.

Pity is not empathy. Pity is judgemental, "I feel sorry for the pathetic existence that man has."

Empathy is "I feel for you, he was a good man and husband to you and I will miss him also."

English Male 53years

January 21, 2018

To my mind Empathy is emotional engagement, like to cry when you are watching a sentimental film or to be sad when your friend is feeling down.

Dasha, 24, Russian, female

April 2, 2017