Word Association Wednesday!!!

There are many different strategies for learning (and teaching) new vocabulary. I'd like to talk about word association. This method involves relating the sound of the word in the language you are learning to a word in your native language that means something else and creating a sentence that connects the new word to its meaning. Here is an example:

Spanish word: lunar

Meaning: mole (on the skin, not the animal)

Sounds like: lunar

Sentence: My dog is adorable, but he has a MOLE the size of a LUNAR crater on his stomach.

The crazier the sentence is, the easier it will be to remember the new word.

If you like this and want to see a new word association for learning Spanish every Wednesday, please let me know in the comments. Also, if you know or create any word associations that will help other students, please feel free to share! :)

Mar 30, 2017 2:12 AM
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Thanks, Mike!
March 30, 2017
Surpass- superar. Like being super which is the same in English and Spanish.
March 30, 2017