About airbnb

The other day,  Brain,CEO of airbnb came to a famous university here in shanghai and addressed a speech about his company. He was talking about some stories about how he had this idea, why he creates airbnb and how this name AIRBNB came. 

That was an amazing speech and I was totally attracted. For somehow I want to join it and make my style airbnb. Hospitality! Imagination! Creativeness! Enthusiasm! I don't know how professional I should be but I mean I stayed at some airbnb outside my country and I love it  cause that was one of my way to know more about a place where I'm going to visit. Guests can talk to hosts and ask for some local information. Like very local things. Of course I can see people and experience their lives when I walk on the street but talking is a more easier and safe way to know better. So from this aspect I'm willing to help those visitors who are interested in china and the cities also cultur and history. I'm not professional but I'd like to share and talk sincerely! So that's why I want to join airbnb or something business like this. 

At the same time , I can also learn something about the country or city where the guests come from . See that's a really good share. 

But I know I'm still very far from it cause I only thought about it but did  do something really practical for now. 

Mar 30, 2017 10:33 AM
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Good luck! Airbnb is so much fun. I have hosted a few guests in the past. Don't worry about 'getting it right' the first time. Keep your price low to begin with and focus on meeting people and seeing what they want from the experience. As you get more confidence you can then raise your price.
March 30, 2017