Looking to establish an IELTS prep group

Hi everybody~

I'm wondering if anyone's interested in joining a small-scale IELTS prep group(roughly 5-6 partners).

The primary purpose of this group will be to help non-native speakers overcome 

their fear of speaking for the IELTS test. Secondly, the group serves as a great

platform for test takers to share resources and personal ideas on the retired IELTS  

questions. Last but not least, each practice experience is supposed to be both fun and engaging. 

Let us brainstorm and practice in a structured yet relaxing manner.

Please send me a message including your motivation and when you're planning

to take the IELTS test. If you're not sure whether my level and available time slots will match

yours, please feel free to chat up over Skype before you make up your mind.

"I scratch your back, you scratch mine. " - Through teamwork and  hardwork,

I hope this group will be helpful for other test takers to reach their personal goals

on the IELTS test. Thank you for your time.


Partners I'm looking for:

1. Dedicated students/working adults of different nationalities. ( That shall increase the cultural diversity of the group and adapt test takers to diverse accents.)

Format of the practice session(Totally open to suggestions from peers):

 For speaking practice, my recommendation is to practice in pairs.

1). General conversation ( Length: 15 minutes)

2). Mock test 

3). Peer feedback 

4). Revision  


Recommended material:

 1.The Official Cambridge guide to IELTS   



Mar 30, 2017 4:40 PM
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Hi, Jerry, i am interested in joining in this group
March 30, 2017