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Hi All

i am looking for an app or site that has news articles in Russian by level. There are plenty out there for Chinese but i cant find one for Russian. Does anyone know of any?

Mar 31, 2017 5:37 PM
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I know it's not exactly what you're asking for, but probably you'll find it useful:   ; (there are not news articles but some articles by level, with audio; some of the texts have exercises)

March 31, 2017
<a href="">Anna Strelkovskaya</a> - your site is very nice, lots of things there!Some Chinese too!!!
December 30, 2017

hi thanks i am familiar with lingq, i am not a fan really, the articles are not really structures towards the CEFR framework.


April 2, 2017

Hello! Try 

I've suggested it to my students and they've found it helpful.

I guess it's exactly what are you looking for! 

April 1, 2017
It does not have to be news articles can be any articles by level and as you learn more you go up a reading level. Like articles written for A1 then A2 and B1 etc
April 1, 2017
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