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English speaking partner Why it is so hard to find someone with great english skills who actually responds to partners request ??? Is there another way to get a partner ?? All i get is people whose their grammers  are worse than mine .. i need someone who is better than me to improve my skills 
Mar 31, 2017 10:15 PM
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Then if you have no intention of helping someone , a partner is not for you. Language exchange is usually a 50/50 thing. You should probably find a teacher.

April 1, 2017
It is probably hard for you because native English speakers receive so many requests that it is hard for us to keep up with them all, so just keep trying. But one small piece of advice that actually will help you improve as well is this: If you help people who are at a lower level than you are, You end up learning more that way. We retain 90-95% of what we learn by teaching. This really is a powerful way to learn.
March 31, 2017
Finding a partner is difficult anyway, but if you offer nothing at all in return, it is impossible. Being partners means you both help one another, so if you want someone with better English than yours, you have to only contact people who are learning Arabic and offer to teach Arabic in return. It will still be difficult because not many people are leaning Arabic, but if you can show that you are really good at teaching Arabic, you may have a good chance. Nobody wants to teach you a language for free because teaching someone a language is difficult and time consuming. You either have to offer something in return (teach them Arabic) or get a teacher, or find ways to study alone. But you have to be realistic. And ask yourself how this person can benefit from talking to you. If the answer is they cannot, then this is why they are not responding.
April 1, 2017
Maabb, if you need this asap, especially if your future depends on it, you need a teacher. A good one.

He/she shouldn't necessarily be a native speaker (you don't need your English to be perfect anyway), non-native teachers can be cheaper. But he/she must be good at teaching. At teaching pronunciation in particular, if you need this.
Or you need a friend who is good at teaching and is ready to help you.

There are not many people who are good at it. Even teachers often are not that great.

Also do things you don't do often. If you you don't read often, then read. If you don't read a particular kind of texts, read them. Audiobooks also help. If you have never studied grammar, find a good textbook and study grammar.
If you don't speak, then speak. If you don't write, then wirte. If you don't listen often, then listen.
Doing things that you have never been doing you progress faster.

As about partners, most of people just don't know other way to help than by talking to you. So 'partners' mean just 'practice' on most cases. But you live in USA... you must have a Lot of native speakers around you to talk with! Talk. Possibly there is a group of Arabic learners in your city. Then may be in exchange for conversations in your Arabic dialect they will help you.

April 1, 2017
totally agree with Chris.
April 1, 2017
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