Is it true? Now Holland can control the amount of rainfall or repeal the cloud hovering over its sky?

Holland is an Amazing country so far as I have read about it, but one problem that Holland faces is the rainfall(almost 145 days a year). So, to get rid of this problem and to get a clear sky above Holand's land, Google has introduced "Google wind" which can push away the cloud and make the sky clear and shiny.

Here is the link--


So, what do you think about this amazing invention:)

Apr 1, 2017 1:42 PM
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Thank you @ Chac mool for letting me know about this book and thanks for the wiki link. I will check it out. When I saw "UnDutchables", it reminded me of the same rhythmic word i.e. "Untouchable" which is really a heart touching movie. If you have not watched it, then I will recommend you to watch it. Happy April Fool' Day! :)
April 2, 2017

LOL @Sudeep that´s a very funny video :D It reminded me of a book called "The UnDutchables" that I read many years ago when I visited The Netherlands. Since I read that book, I kind of know how to recognize that particular sense of humor that the Dutch have, although in the case of the video you posted  it´s of course quite obvious it is Dutch ;) The book is quite fun and talks about that paricular humorous way that the Dutch have of looking at life. I wanted to find an open source version for you but I couldn´t so I´ll give you the Wikipedia link in case you want to know a little about it. ¡Saludos and Happy April Fools´ Day! :)


April 1, 2017
I am not living in Russia for quite a while, Sudeep, so I don't know whether it's popular or not. 
April 1, 2017
A funny April The First joke...
April 1, 2017

@Michael, Google put a lot of effort to make people April fool but they forgot that we are some people who are foolproof :D

By the way, please have a look at this Russian song and if you know, then please tell me whether this song is so famous in Russia.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8nvPjKMDh0

April 1, 2017