Board game review - Arkham Horror Arkham Horror - the complicated board game based on the fabulous serial of books by Lovecraft. The most prominent novel is Call of Cthulhu.

The game narrates about the terrifying events, which take place in the Arkham town and it's university. All intriguing and misterious occurences coalesce in one horrible knot with some sort of unbelievable dreadful critter from the myth era standing behind.

In the beginning of the set every players choose their protagonists from the pool. Each of them has pros and contras and also a background to help players dive deeper into atmosphere of the role-playing game. During the gameplay players face numerous encounters, upgrade equipment, earn spells and mystic artifacts. All this stuff can be utilized during their adventures in the town and in outer worlds.

In my view, the main feature of the game is the fact, that all players compete with the game itself and not with each other. Common goal is to seal all enigmatic gates to other worlds, weaken the awaked monster and take over him in the final battle.

As I mentioned before, the gameplay is very intricate and demands a lot of time to understand the mechanic. One set can last up to 24 hours, so you have to be prepared for a marathone =) Once we played it 7 evenings in a row.

Please, share your own experience in other board games and, of course, help me to correct my text =)
Thank you!
Apr 1, 2017 8:22 PM
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The game narrates about the terrifying events.......   mysterious occurrences (spelling errors) ........  some sort of unbelievably dreadful critter........

every player chooses...... has pros and cons....... and earn spells and mystic artifacts. 

The common goal is...... weaken the awakened monster.....

to understand the mechanics.... be prepared for a marathon...... 

My family likes similarly complicated games. If you like cooperative games, one you would probably like is Shadows Over Camelot.  It can be played completely cooperatively or with a traitor (which I am told, is more fun,  once you fully understand the game).  Here is a video about it, which is long because it shows how it is actually played when there is a traitor.)  It usually takes an hour or two to play.

My own personal favorite game is Lords of Waterdeep.  This is a primarily a competitive game, although players who think someone else is ahead often cooperative at times to foil the strategies of the suspected leader. The great thing about this game is that you are hardly ever sure who is going to win until the very end, because of the secret abilities and bonuses of each character. It is very rare that you can be sure you are losing the game until the end. The game is always full of suspense and guessing about what strategy is going to be most successful. 

April 1, 2017
Thank you Susan) I heared a lot about Shadows Over Camelot game and hope I will play it one day) it is amazing how developers get through restrictions, imposed by board-game format and come up with so enthralling gameplay!
April 2, 2017