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How to develop my language and how to learn English and speak fluently 
Help me :(
Apr 2, 2017 1:03 AM
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There are many things you can do to improve your English skill both written and oral. I taught myself English and I have no difficulties to speak in English or to understand English native speakers ;). Just surround yourself with English; talk with people in English, watch English series/movies, watch youtube videos, listen to podcasts, and so on. I basically can keep improving my English speaking skill by myself because I play online games and I get to talk to many people from all over the world using the software like teamspeak and discord. When you're talking directly to people, you force yourself to talk no matter how. So that is really supporting too. Good luck ^^
April 2, 2017


I think to learn English well  you have to be motivated first. Sometime, you will feel an uncomfortable tension but know that it's completely fine.

April 2, 2017
Hi there. I would be happy to help improve your English. Have a look at my teaching profile and let me know if you are interested. Thanks.
April 2, 2017

your question is so general and you need to be more open about it
what's your level? and how many hours you want to spend on language learning everyday? and what kind of materials you're using at the moment? and so on

I'm using power English podcast by Aj.Hoge for Effortless English. It's really great if you're in intermediate level

April 2, 2017