Do the English Native speakers never say or use these sentences in their conversation?

I came across some sentences that mainly the U.S native speakers never use in their conversation. Is it true and if it is, could you please explain why it is so? By the way, more or less I know why they don't use but still, some more views may help understanding it better.

1-I'm fine. Thank you, and you? (Using of word "fine" is fine here but is it something to do with the tone?)

2-WOW! You look really tired. Or, WOW! You are getting really fat. Or, any such negative comments. (It is well understood that we can't use such kind of sentences to a stranger, but Is it all right If I use it to my friends and family?)

3-Are you married?(I know it is not at all a polite way to ask someone about their marital status. But if someone wants to know then how should s/he ask?) In my country, it is easy to know whether a female is married or not without asking her, but in other countries, it is not like that, so if someone wants to know, s/he has to ask:)

4-How much rent do you pay? (Is it a personal question? Here in my country, I don't think this is considered as a personal question but yes, if someone asks, "How much do you earn?" then it is a personal question.) Here in my place, people often jest that never asks a lady about her age and never asks a man about his salary:)

I also want to know how it goes in other countries and cultures. So, please feel free to share your views.

Thank you:)

Apr 2, 2017 6:39 PM
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1. I never say "fine". If a man asks his wife "Are you OK_" and she replies "Yes, I´m Fine". In this context, "fine"normally means there´s something wrong but she does not want to say! I would usually say "I´m good thanks". Also I think to say "I´m OK" gives the impression that you aren´t that good, something is wrong.

2. Could be a bit rude. By adding "Wow" to start of the sentence, it makes it more profound. "Wow, you look really tired" is like saying "Oh my god you look terrible". Better to say" You look a bit tired." I wouldn't  say "You´re getting really fat" to anyone, not a friend anyway! It would be very rude.

3. If you already know that person has a partner, you could say "Are you married" (as in, are you married to each other?"  If it is someone of the opposite sex who you don't really know, don't ask this question, wait and try and glean the information out by asking other questions about their life. It would be too direct.

4. How much rent do you pay, this is fine to ask. If you wanted to be a little less direct you could ask "Is it expensive?" "Is the rent high" etc

April 2, 2017

I say #1 all the time.  It is completely normal.

By the way, you can answer "I'd rather not say" whenever someone asks you a "rude" question. 

Rude questions in American culture:

Are you married?  Why aren't you married?  Why don't you want to have kids?  Are you gay?

Never ask a woman about her pregnancy unless you are absolutely certain that she is pregnant. 

Do not ask a woman "Do you still have periods?  But you're so old!" 

Do not say to anyone.  "My god, you're fat.  How much do you weigh?"

You can also answer questions in the wrong way, so be careful:


Do I look fat in this dress?  .....Oh no, dear.  Not at all.

What did you think of the solo I sang in church? ....It was lovely.  Words can't describe how lovely it was. 


April 2, 2017
I consider some of them are nothing to do with yes or no but rather the situation that you are standing at and how is the relationships between speakers. 
April 3, 2017

1.  I say "fine" all of the time.  However, if used in a sarcastic tone, it means the opposite - but this is not commonly done/used among strangers/acquaintances.

2. Don't say any of that to anyone - especially if you are married to them!!

3. In the US, most people wear a wedding band on the left hand, on that finger right next to the "pinky".  We call often refer to it as the "ring finger".  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ring_finger     Because of this, it is usually not difficult to tell if someone is married.  :)

4. I would never ask that question directly. Too direct, one might feel you are trying to know too much about their personal business. I would ask indirectly.  "Is the rent high on your side of town?"  

Please note that regions in the US are different as to what is acceptable conversation/questions from an acquaintance/stranger.  I have lived in the South for over 20 years, but have lived in the midwest, the southwest and Alaska.  There are marked differences based on location, so please note that my viewpoint is based on where I have lived for the last 20+ years.  :)

April 3, 2017

Thank you @Verna for some more information and for telling us how it differs from place to place. I had no idea about the wedding band.

In my country, The married couple also wears a ring on their ring finger but it's a bit difficult to say because mostly they don't use it as the ring is made of gold or diamond, so they only use it on some occasions. But yes, one can say whether someone is married by looking at their attire. A married woman usually wears a saree, read bangle, toe ring and most importantly Sindoor(a traditional vermillion red or orange-red colored cosmetic powder) that is applied at the beginning or completely along the parting lines of a women's hair.

Thank you @Jack for your view on this subject. I agree with you that it's more to do with the relationship between the two individuals.

April 3, 2017
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