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topic:  global shortage of fresh water

As is known to all, we can't live without water. Some people still consider water is inexhaustible. But as a matter of fact, water is finite. We just can use fresh water from rain, river, spring, and lake. The more water we use, the less water we left for posterity.

Lack of water resources is becoming a serious environmental problem in earth.
It's reported that there are only 0.3% fresh water and about 40% people lacking fresh water severely. In fact, with the development of modern agriculture and industry, fresh water become less and dirtier than before. Besides, the rapid growth of the world's population and the serious pollution of the environment also make water lacking. We must take this problem seriously, otherwise, our tears become the last drop of water.

To solve the problem of Global shortage of fresh water, the government should take measures to let people fully realize saving water is necessary for us and ban factories discharging sewage. Only in this way, can we live a happy life with  fresh water.
Apr 3, 2017 11:51 PM
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April 4, 2017